Otaniemi Flying Finns is a Helsinki based FSAE team which competes in international design and racing competitions as the representative of Helsinki University of Technology. The goal is develop high-class design and practical skills and increase the appeal of HUT while at the same time bring out Finnish know-how and give graduated students a path to leading companies in the field.

In November of 2007, first plans to enter FSAE were made. The team consists of 19 students from the Helsinki University of Technology. Most of the members study mechanical engineering with a few from the departments of electrical and material engineering. The members study times vary from two to seven years. Relationships with different companies is of coarse very important.

Back row: Tuomo Elonen, Mikael Lees, Matti Randelin, Jussi Hakola, Hannu Kuutti
Middle row: Janne Hellberg, Jaakko Santanen, Vesa Lindroos
Front row: Oskar Elmgren, Jere Koskinen, Hossi Khademi, Sami Nissinen, Axel Elmgren, Karri Keskinen

Team Manager

Oskar Elmgren
oskar.elmgren (at)


Jussi Hakola
jussi.hakola (at)

The others in group:
Juha Sandholm


Hannu Kuutti
hannu.kuutti (at)

The others in group:
Matti Randelin
Jere Koskinen
Mitro Partanen


Axel Elmgren
caelmgren (at)


Juhani Hämäläinen


Janne Hellberg
janne.hellberg (at)

The others in group:
Hossi Khademi
Ilkka Carlstedt


Jaakko Santanen
Tuomo Elonen
Sami Nissinen
Vesa Lindroos

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